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7.  How to Clean and Tune-Up Miller Mobile Home Oil Fired Furnaces -- $49.95   
With Basics for the No Heat Call

How to Clean and Tune-Up Miller Mobile Home Oil Fired Furnaces

Please note that a Warm Air Furnace is a heating system that blows warm air up through floor registers. If this does not describe your equipment, you most likely have a Boiler System that sends hot water to radiators or baseboard heaters along the walls. Check my website for the DVDs entitled “How to Clean and Service Hot Water Boilers,” and “How to Clean and Tune-Up Oil Fired Direct Vent Hot Water Boilers.” We also have a DVD for Residential Oil Fired Warm Air Furnaces.

This How-To DVD for Miller Mobile Home Furnaces is for MOC and CMF Models. Although the basics apply for many other models, this DVD is intended for one with knowledge on performing a combustion test or at minimum, familiarity with doing a smoke and fire over the draft test. In order to better understand

  1. the smoke and draft test, and
  2. adjusting the oil burner to maintain zero or #1 smoke,

I strongly suggest you also purchase the "How to Clean and Tune Up Warm Air Furnaces" DVD as a companion to "How to Clean and Tune-Up Miller Mobile Home Oil Fired Furnaces." This second DVD is for properly running Miller Furnaces with zero smoke and proper draft over the fire. (Using a Westwood T40 Smoke Tester, CO2 reading should be between 10 to 12 with zero or one trace of smoke at the exhaust pipe test hole.) I will send a printed explanation on combustion testing as this is very important! Originally the Miller Mobile Home Furnace DVD was sold in a bundle with the "How to Clean and Tune Up Warm Air Furnaces" DVD which explained combustion testing. Please keep in mind that Miller Furnaces do not use an Auto Barometric Damper so the draft over the fire reading may be higher than -01.

Save hundreds of dollars every year servicing your furnace yourself. Not only will you never need to call a serviceman again, a properly cleaned furnace saves at least one hundred gallons of fuel every year! It’s easy to see your investment will pay for itself several times over in the first year alone.

Watch, for the first time, as a Master Heating Technician with 27 years experience in the Heating and Plumbing business teaches you how to maintain a Miller Mobile Home Furnace. I will perform a proper cleaning, explain what to look for, show how to do a basic oil burner tune up, and cover safety issues. (Tune-up demonstration on a Wayne and Beckett Oil Burner). See how to bleed the Suntec Fuel Pump with the Honeywell R8184 burner control, how to change the nozzle, and much more…

Many Miller Mobile Home Furnaces NEVER get cleaned and serviced properly...These are almost sheet metal thin and require a complete tear down to get all the soot out. Most heating technicians don't even know the correct procedure! Improper servicing of the furnace is a leading cause of heating failures and trailer fires.

Bonus Footage - No Heat Call Basics included…Learn what to do if the oil burner stops working…Every Mobile Home Owner should be armed with this DVD as you will learn secrets of the trade the professionals don't even know!

All with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. No fancy skills required, anyone with a desire to learn can do this! The details shown in this video apply for Miller Oil and Kerosene Fired Mobile Home Furnaces, while the basics apply for other Mobile, Trailer Prefab Home Furnaces.

Here’s what you’ll learn (running time almost 2 hours!):

  • How to Clean and Remove the Soot Build-up
  • How to Tune-up the Oil Burner
  • How to Clean and Service the Fuel Oil Pump
  • How to Bleed the Fuel Oil Pump
  • How to Test the Transformer or Modern Igniter
  • How to Adjust the Electrodes
  • How to Change the Oil Burner Nozzle
  • How to Inspect the Drive Coupler
  • BONUS – The No Heat Call Basics
  • Troubleshoot - Diagnose if the Oil Burner Breaks Down
  • Plus learn tips and secrets of the trade other servicemen don’t want YOU to know!
The primary reason heating systems fail prematurely is due to improper servicing. Many technicians don’t bother to remove the soot build-up inside the burner. Soot is acidic and will eat away at the insides of the furnace, causing holes or cracks that will force an early system replacement costing thousands of dollars!

Soot also acts as an insulator, driving your system to burn extra fuel to overcome the poor heat transfer. A lot of this heat is wasted as it simply escapes up your chimney flue. Once cleaned, your furnace will save at least 100 gallons of fuel a year, or more! That’s at least a $300 fuel savings every year!

Even if you don’t want to service your furnace yourself, by watching this DVD you’ll be informed enough to know whether your serviceman is honest, or if you should be looking for his replacement!

I am a veteran Master Heating Technician with 27 years experience in the field. I’ve taken a professional digital movie camera onto all jobs showing everything you need to know…revealing short cuts to save you time and money. I am proud to be the ONLY Producer of such How to DVDs in the USA and after four years, my DVDs are well known from Maine to Alaska. This information has never been available to the public before!

You will only need basic tools and two special tools: a Westwood T40 Smoke Tester, and a Bacharach draft-rite Pocket Draft Gauge to measure draft over the fire. As a bonus, you will receive a FREE Oil Burner Set-Up Tool. This is a limited-time offer so don't delay placing your order.

Here’s what my customers have been saying about these videos:

Great eBayer very good product, very informative !! AAA+++
Excellent Video. Gave me the Info I Couldn't Get Anywhere Else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You make this look so easy. Takes all the mystery out of my boiler service. Thanks
Super informative on how to so easy to service my boiler after watching this video
Thanks your DVD helped me fix a beckett that was not set up right.
Very good video, has helped me to service my own boiler for the first time!
Awesome videos this is my 3rd one helped me troubleshoot/fix my beckett burn A++
Incredibly helpful info illustrating procedures that I will use for yrs to come!
Great video. I serviced my two furnaces in a few hours. Thanks.
This video is great!! Step by step instruction shows all the details. Thanks.
The Boiler man DVD is a plus, very accurate and I am very satisfied.
Great video. thanks for sharing your knowledge. Ill be buying other videos.
I never knew any of this! Great help! Tells it all, makes it easy! A must have!

Check my 100% positive feedback for more ecstatic customer testimonials! These high-quality DVDs were recorded on professional equipment and cost thousands of dollars to produce. The recording material used is the best money can buy: Certified Taiyo Yuden Professional DVD-R.

We also recommend the following companion DVD: “The No Heat Call - Troubleshoot, Diagnose and Repair your Broken Down Oil Furnace and Hot Water Boiler.” Check my website for details.

Don’t hesitate, buy the DVD now for only $49.95 and get your FREE Oil Burner Set-Up Tool. Shipping is an additional $5 for USPS Priority Mail ($20 to Canada). We ship fast – you’ll get your DVD in less than a week!

You won’t find this information anywhere else! Take advantage of my 27 years experience as a Master Heating Contractor, learn secrets of the trade and save thousands of dollars over the life of your furnace with this one small investment!

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions as due to the nature of the item, all sales are final. Defective DVDs will be replaced with another copy.

Please be aware that the free information and website mentioned in the DVD are no longer available at this time due to legal action.

The information is to be used for personal use only. These video(s) cannot be used for Commercial Training of employees in any of the trades. Any orders associated with a business name will be cancelled and your money refunded unless you have obtained written permission and paid the required licensing fees (see below). Each employee may make a purchase in his or her name only and DVDs are not to be shared.

Thank you for visiting, and have a great day!

Disclaimer and Buying Contract:

The Boiler Man (aka www.theBoilerMan.biz) accepts no liability for any of the content on these How-to Videos, or responsibility for any incidental or consequential damages of any actions taken based on the information provided. Any views or opinions presented are solely those of the author, producer, and owner of these video(s). The Boiler Man LLC expressly accepts no liability of any kind for the contents shown of this educational material. When you purchase any of our How-to Video(s), you the purchaser, accept these terms of sale.

These How-to Video(s) are for Educational purposes Only. You may not in any way duplicate, replicate, copy, share transfer or sell any information provided in the video(s) without our express written consent. Should you enter into duplicating, providing or sharing any part of the purchased information provided within these DVD videos, then you, the purchaser, are solely responsible and liable for your own actions. You also are responsible for honoring copyrights of these video(s). The information is only to be used for viewing by the original purchaser, and for personal (non- commercial use).

These video(s) cannot be used for Commercial Training of employees in any of the trades. Any use beyond will require you to contact us for written permission as well as to pay a licensing fee for such usage.

The license fee for Commercial Usage is $500 per DVD. Individual(s) in the HVAC and related trades making purchase(s) must contact us and pay the license fee as described. If you are purchasing for an individual’s personal usage but are listing an email and/or mailing address for a business, then send your full name, home and business address to explain this. All DVDs will have a reward paid if found being used for Commercial - Training purposes. When purchasing, you agree to the above stated conditions. If you cannot agree to restrict use of the video(s) as described above, then kindly leave the website as we cannot sell to you.

All Videos are sold “As-is, where-is”. They are not returnable unless the DVD proves defective. Simply return the DVD(s) in its original condition and we will send you a replacement. Email us ASAP if there is a problem with the functionality of any DVD. All DVDs are new, scratch-free, and tested before leaving our facility. All sales are final.

The Boiler Man LLC - South Burlington, VT

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